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During the month of November we have been looking at how the Bible defines Thanksgiving. As we come to our time of family celebrations, I thought it might be good for us to review what we have discovered through our worship services.

The overall point of my sermons this month has been to redefine Thanksgiving from a Biblical perspective. I began by describing Thanksgiving as a compound word. Most people think of “thanks” as the key word. Yet grammatically speaking, thanks seems to act more like an adverb describing the action word (verb) giving. When we look at it this way thanksgiving becomes an act of giving. We give thanks to God. So our messages became a study of giving from the Scriptures.

We talked about the widow’s mite and how her giving became an expression of her faith in God. She gave everything she had even though she could have kept back some. She demonstrated her total dependence upon God. When we give thanks to God, we too are expressing our total dependence upon God. God wants our giving to reflect our faith and trust in Him. I told you that I had seen a Widow’s might. This time I meant might (as in power) not might. If we are to experience the life changing power of God then we too must totally depend upon Him.

That led us to II Corinthians and the question about giving so we can get. There are many so-called preachers who use these verses to convince people to give them money with the idea that the more you give the richer you will get. This is found no-where in an honest study of these verses. God never rewards sin and greed is always a sin. God is looking for people who happily give because they know that what they have came from God; they know that whatever they need God will provide; and so they give like everything depends upon God. As they do, they discover that everything really does depend upon God and that He is always faithful and true!

It is my hope that as you celebrate by giving thanks, you will commit yourself and your family to trusting God for everything. He loves us and has promised to supply not only our needs, but wonderful blessings that go far beyond material possessions.

Becky and I thank God for each of you. Your kindness and blessings to us during the year encourage and enable us to serve not only you, but our Lord Jesus too. We wish for you a blessed time of celebration with your family. We look forward to continue our thanksgiving as we celebrate the season of Advent. We love you.

– Pastor Chuck & Becky

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