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Ever wondered why every Fall the leaves change into such vibrant colors? Is it: A) not enough light, B) not enough water, C) temperatures turning too cool, or, D) a chemical reaction with the soil called terralactadosis? Not sure? It is actually ‘A’, not enough light. Ever ask yourself why our world seems to be in the poor shape it is in? I submit it is for the same reason, only not referring to sunshine, but speaking of our light in Christ. It seems Christians have bought into the lie that we are just ‘too busy’ to read, study and understand God’s Word. Instead of eating full meals and gaining healthy spiritual lifestyles, we seem to be content to live off the occasional snack. I don’t know about you, but I’ve not seen many people who can live a healthy physical life by only eating an occasional snack (no matter how healthy).

We want to invite you to join us for what we believe is an incredible study into God’s Word each Wednesday. For your convenience, there are two opportunities for prayer and study – 11:00 in the morning, and 6:00 in the evening. We are having a great time of learning as we are diving deeper into God’s Word.

Have you ever wanted to better understand the Bible? You are not alone. We began with the airplane level overview of the Bible. With that big picture in mind, we have now gone back to circling the airport as we take a book by book approach, going deeper into where it fits in, who wrote it, when, the content of each book, and how we can apply it’s teachings to our current circumstances.

This has proven to be a great learning opportunity, with practical insights from everyone at the table. The studies are discussion oriented so we learn and grow together. They are Bible based and Spirit-led. We have no timetable. That is, if we spend the entire time in prayer, great!  If we spend the entire time covering one chapter, or one paragraph, or one verse, then great! If we get into a discussion dealing with joy, or grief, or how the Bible applies to critical current world events, then great!

The key is that we come with open hearts and open minds as we drink deeply from the water of the Word. Have you ever watched the TV show, The Biggest Loser? People come to the show, broken, their lives on the edge of ruin as unhealthy lifestyles have led them too far down a path of self-destruction. They begin the journey not only physically out of shape, but quickly realize that one aspect of life impacts all others. Once they begin to reclaim that physical health element of their lives, they realize that they also are regaining their emotional and spiritual health as well.

We have realized that once we begin reclaiming our spiritual health, other parts of our lives (even parts we didn’t know were out of shape) begin falling back into place and even lifting to places we previously never imagined. God has a great plan for us as individuals, as families, and as a church family (Jer 29:11-13). It all begins with our spiritual walk with Him. As we learn more of Him, we want to learn even more of Him. We worship more deeply, we love more deeply, we serve more deeply, care more deeply, and the cycle goes on and on.

Do I find myself more on the treadmill of life, or in the cycle of getting healthier and going deeper in worship?

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