Teacher Appreciation

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August means many things to different people: the dog days of summer, nearly football time, and worst of all, summer vacation is drawing to an end! In August, teachers will head back to school a week or so before the students. Many have spent much of the summer thinking through and preparing for the upcoming year, while most students do their very best to avoid doing the very same things. J

Our Bessemer City Ministerial Alliance has partnered with the various schools in our area: FBC is paired with BC Primary School. This past month we had the privilege of serving the school during our Serve BC weeks. It was a joy to help them, both inside and outside, laying out mulch and working in the library. We had workers from age 6 all the way up to 92!

The next step of our partnership involves collecting school supplies that will be given to the school just before the first day of school. As you go shopping, look for bargains and buy some extra that we can give in order to be a blessing!

Once school starts, we have a new challenge that was given to us this year. The school’s Principal, Mrs. Kristie Gornto, has asked if we could provide some mentors for her students. Our primary role would be to sit with the kids, build a relationship, and listen to them read. What better way to build up a child than to encourage them and to love them. Who knows, you may be one of the few stable and loving relationships a particular child has. What a difference you can make by being willing and available!

Finally, as a church family, we want to be a blessing to the school as well. In mid-September we will host a Teacher Appreciation Sunday. All the teachers from the Primary school will be invited (and any teacher, of course, is welcome). Our goal will be to recognize them, honor them, and to encourage them. During the Invitation time, we will call the teachers to the altar, then ask members to join them and to pray with them and for them. We will also have an index card available with the names of every faculty member and teacher available. We will ask members to take these cards, making a commitment to pray for these teachers throughout the school year. During the first week, we will ask that you contact your teacher letting them know of your support, and asking that if they should every have any specific prayer needs, whether in the classroom or at home, to let you know. Then, throughout the year, you can check in just to encourage and uplift.

We value those who value our children. We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to all the ways God will choose to use it in the days to come. Welcome back, August!

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