Fast Times At First Baptist Part I

Fast Times At First Baptist Part I
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Today (Tuesday) our children and youth travelled to the Hendrick Racing Team’s headquarters in Concord to tour the museum, store, and shops. We had 35 people go and had 22 children and young people! This is one of the biggest groups we have taken anywhere in while. This was a reward trip for everyone and their parents who participated in the R.A. Racer Program this past Winter.

We saw all kinds of race cars that have been driven by champions; Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr. and Danica Patrick. The numbers 5, 7, 24, 48, and 88 hold great meaning for fans of these drivers. Then there was the exhibit of engines, bodies, and roll cages. There were cut outs of transmissions, engines, and suspensions. You could see almost everything that goes into making a championship car. The final part of our tour was in the shops. We could see mechanics actually building the cars that one day will appear at the speedways. Everything and everybody that goes into making a championship race car was there to see.

I was reminded of how God has created the church to be that kind of place for the people of His kingdom. The church is where Christians come to become all they can be. Here the Holy Spirit is the “mechanic” who works on our “engines” to make us strong, durable, and quick. As God’s Spirit “quickens” us we become able to run our course with faith and perseverance. The parts that equip us to be champions are brought together and installed by the Holy Spirit. These spiritual gifts are used by God to accomplish His purpose in our lives. When we join together as a body of believers we can speed towards becoming all that God wants us to be.
I was very excited to see so many young people and children along with their parents. Hopefully, we can continue to encourage people to join Chirst’s team at First Baptist Church. I hope that you can see the need to be an active part of God’s team. It is essential for each of us to be committed to Christ and His church as He was committed to us and our salvation. As we finish our celebration of Easter and Christ’s resurrection, may each of us commit ourselves anew to loving God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Let us love each other as we love ourselves. May we become wholeheartedly devoted to Christ’s church at First Baptist. Let us live like champions! As we spend the time necessary in church for the Holy Spirit to equip us for missions and ministry, we will win more and more victories in our daily lives. Through Bible study, worship, fellowship, missions, and ministry, God will transform us from mere “stock” human beings into super speedway high performance people! As He continues to equip us, we will have His power working in our lives to make an eternal difference in the lives of people we touch. See you Sunday!

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