Fast Times At First Baptist Church Part II

Fast Times At First Baptist Church Part II
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Last Monday evening, I was preparing for our trip to Hendrick Racing Team’s Shops and CMS. As I walked through the living room Becky asked me a funny question. She wanted to know how fast I would have to drive the church bus when I took the group for a ride on the Charlotte Motor Speedway? Somehow, Becky had heard we were going to go for a ride on the track and she assumed it would have to be in the church bus. So her question made sense from that perspective. I turned away and smiled. I then explained that I would have to maintain a 65 mile an hour speed on the curves in order to keep the bus from turning over. I might have mentioned that the pit crews would inspect the bus before our ride to make sure it was safe. Seeing that this seemed to satisfy her, I went into the bedroom to finish my preparations and laugh very softly. Until she reads this blog, Becky will still be thinking I took everyone for a ride around the speedway on our church bus, unless someone tells her otherwise. Such is the charm of our life together.

I have been blessed to have Becky as my wife for a little more than 34 years now. During those years we have discovered that it doesn’t take much to entertain us. While we have had our share of sorrows, our joy and laughter has probably more than tripled the number of those sorrows. If you hang around us, you’ll discover that we love to laugh and pick with each other. We enjoy the little things in life.

While some would think that my teasing of Becky about riding the bus around the speedway track is not very nice, Becky will laugh and punch me on the shoulder. And I guess that is one of the charming characteristics that I cherish so much about my wife. She is so very honest. She literally glows with integrity. It does make it easy to play jokes on her at times. And we do so love to laugh together. I know that I can trust her with anything and everything. In these times, having a spouse like that is far more valuable than a diamond or a ruby. I always know I can count on Becky and she can count on me.

Now don’t feel too sorry for Becky. She does know my weakness. She knows how to tell when I am teasing and when I am not (you will have to ask her about that one.) She just doesn’t always remember to ask. But oh how she fills my life with joy and laughter. She is so very precious to me. And I really do love her. I promise you that. And you can tell her I said so. Hope to see you Sunday!

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