All Together Now!

All Together Now!
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One of the shows my family likes to watch together is NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”. It is a throwback show that harkens back to “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “The Carol Burnett Show”, and other great variety shows. It is a nationwide talent search where everyday men, women and children are given the opportunity to perform their special talents. In the course of a season, you will see singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, gymnasts, and even contortionists.

So what? It shows (no pun intended) that we all have talent. It reveals that we have a great variety of talents among us. It also helps us to see that all talents are needed to create the most powerful show and season. Often, great diamonds in the rough are discovered. Normal, regular, unassuming people often display the most incredible talents.

In the church, this same principle applies. God has gifted every believer with at least one spiritual gift. All have their own personal talents and abilities. All are needed for the church to fulfill its potential. We are the definition of normal, regular, unassuming people. So what’s your gift? What’s your talent? What’s your unique ability? Are you putting these to use? Are you using these in the work of the local church? Are you helping or hindering your own ability to fulfill your potential? Are you helping or hindering the church’s ability to fulfill its potential?

Let’s work and serve together and watch as God gives us the best year yet!

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